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in a small Chicago apartment when Jenn Gavlin opened an etsy store to sell her ceramic work under the name "the playful potter". Her pieces have always had a bit of whimsy, but in 2015 she decided a business name was needed to communicate the elegance as well. She landed on flux ceramics, a reference to a vital element in the chemistry of ceramics, as well as the evolution of her studio practice.  

Jenn now works out of her home studio in the Central District of Seattle. She began her love affair with clay in high school and finally made the jump into full-time mud slinging when she, her husband, and their two cats moved from Chicago to Seattle in 2011.  

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A few words from jenn...

I consider myself a functional potter first as I work mostly on the wheel to make objects to be used in everyday life. My functional pieces are meant to exist in the ordinary spaces of the routine, observed and experienced in daily life without display cases or special lighting. I pride myself on working thin and light with porcelain, pushing the limits of the clay to create lighter pieces, pleasing for people to hold. This is my favorite thing: knowing my work is touched and experienced regularly by its owner. I see this as the beauty of the well-crafted "normal".

On less serious days, I simply like playing with mud. It keeps me young and creative. Also, scooters are cool.



Instilling a passion for pottery in others...

Interested in taking a pottery class from Jenn? Here's what's coming up:


Jenn’s taking a break from teaching as, post knee surgery, she’s had some difficulty standing for long periods of time. Drop her a line on the contact page to be alerted to class opportunities in the future.